Head of the Army slams Paratroopers

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, the most senior Officer in the British Army has slammed the Paratroopers responsible for shooting a picture of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. But it appears the message was not taken very seriously by some after twitter exploded with people asking if it was a parody.

The three minute video was filmed in response to a series of embarrassing scandals that the military has been embroiled in recently, which Carleton-Smith said are “downright unacceptable.”

Members of the Parachute Regiment who were on operations is Kabul, Afghanistan are under investigation after a video circulated showing them using a poster of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as target practice.

Also in an unrelated incident six British soldiers, including a sergeant, were arrested for an alleged attack on a sleeping teenage female soldier last week, in an incident Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said “horrified” him.

But despite addressing very serious issues in the video over a lack of self-discipline shown by some soldiers, people were quick to take to social media asking if it was a parody. Largely because of the unusual stance he keeps for the entire length of the film and the ”mock” studio set up designed to look like a newsroom.