British Army ‘Snowflake’ ads have encouraged the most new recruits in years

Despite being incredibly unpopular by serving personal when they launched, The British Army’s 2019 recruitment campaign, which uses words like ‘snowflakes’, ‘selfie addicts’ and ‘me, me, me millennials, is helping drive the biggest recruitment numbers in years.

In January, 16,000 people applied to join the army. Website visits for the month were 78% up with 1.5 million people taking a look online – a two-fold increase on January 2018.

Focused on how the army was looking “beyond stereotypes” in its search for the next generation of forces, the ‘Your Army Needs You’ campaign courted a backlash over its creative execution when it first launched.

With Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan describing the ads as an “assault on modern masculinity”. Elsewhere, one of the soldiers who appeared on the ‘Your Army Needs You’ posters claimed he hadn’t been briefed on the “tone and style” of the ads and threatened to quit.

The Commons defence committee was told last October that the army had 77,000 fully trained troops compared with a target of 82,500, a stat which Capita blamed on the length of the application process.