Farage backs calls to ‘boycott’ ARMY as British PARAS arrive in Bosnia wearing EU flags


NIGEL Farage has condemned the EU’s continuous attempts to create a European Army as soldiers from 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment arrived in Bosnia on Tuesday wearing EU flags on their sleeves for a European training exercise.

Speaking on his LBC show, the former UKIP leader argued one of the main reasons he campaigned for Brexit in the June 2016 Referendum was to prevent the UK from joining a potential European Union army.

Mr Farage claimed he was laughed at in 2014 by Nick Clegg when he claimed the Brussels bloc was working on the creation of a European army.

But on Tuesday, The Parachute Regiment arrived in Bosnia Herzegovina for an EUFOR training exercise wearing EU flags on their sleeves.

He said: “Some people may remember the debate I did, sponsored by LBC, against Nick Clegg when he was deputy prime minister back in 2014.

“And I said that one of the reasons I wanted to leave the European Union was that I didn’t want us to become part of a European army.

“Clegg said to me that was all a dangerous fantasy.

“Well, try this for size.

“The 3rd battalion, The Parachute Regiment, have arrived today in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of an EUFOR training exercise.

“And on their arms, they have been put on European Union flags.

“That’s right The Parachute Regiment are wearing the flag of the European Union for this training exercise that they are on.

“As you can imagine I strongly disapprove of this. I disapprove of the European army. I think we should put more faith in NATO.”

The die-hard eurosceptic added the news had led British MEP Gerard Batten to call on Britons to “boycott” the army.

He said: “Gerard Batten said Brits should boycott the armed forces because our military is now dominated by the EU.

“I think that row will go on for the next few days.”

On Tuesday, Mr Batten said: “No one should now join the British army until we have left the EU and this has all been reversed.

“Our soldiers are no longer fighting for Queen and Country but under a foreign military command.

“Our ancestors, the heroes of The Armada, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Passchendaele, El-Alamein, and others too numerous to mention, did not fight so that their descendants could serve under the flag of a foreign power.”