Tory Defence Secretary ‘wants to put guns on TRACTORS’

The Tory Defence Secretary has been branded “out of his mind” after allegedly calling for guns on tractors and missile systems disguised as Coca Cola trucks.

The comments came as he met Polish counterparts to discuss the British involvement in Eastern Europe.

The 42-year-old former fireplace salesman has already been marked out earlier this year as a leadership contender in the Tory party – after he confessed to an affair and clashed with Chancellor Philip Hammond over defence funds.

But now a member of his own staff has said: “The man is out of his mind. His behaviour is totally bizarre and no one knows what to do.”

According to the source, Mr Williamson came out with the idea of putting “really expensive guns” on tractors at a summit on the equipment budget.

Witnesses were described as “open-mouthed” and “didn’t know where to look”.

Mr Williamson has since denied making the comment as a serious suggestion, rather than just ‘thinking-out-loud’.

But during a meeting with Polish counterparts, he did suggest disguising a missile defence lorry as a Coca Cola truck.


He was also said to have suggested kitting out old commercial ferries to convert them for some military use. And he devoted “thousands of man hours” on plans to launch a UK Defence Medal associated with him, a member of his team complained; they went on

“The man has an ego larger than one I have ever seen before…. even in politics”.

The MoD has stressed that he still has the loyalty of the Defence Chiefs but as this is the man responsible for the UK Military and not the running of ‘Lego Land’ the question is for how long?

What do you think… is he up for the job or should the Defence Secretary have prior military experience? You can comment below.