Donald Trump arrives in London amid protests and Brexit chaos – greeted with balloon

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Donald Trump has arrived in London for a four-day visit to the UK where PM Theresa May will host trade talks.

US President Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for a four-day visit amid a flurry of political turmoil and planned protests against him.

After landing at London’s Stanstead airport, Trump and his wife First Lady Melania went to the US ambassador’s residence by helicopter.

Despite the security risk Melania Trump will today run the gauntlet with anti-Trump protesters in the streets of London (who have erected a giant balloon in his honour), while her husband and his bodyguards watch a special forces demonstration at a secret location in the English countryside.

The first lady will attend an event where she will meet ex-service personnel and school children in the capital.

Thousands of demonstrators are expected to be protesting against the president who is incredibly unpopular in the UK – especially after the amount of alleged historic sexual harassment cases soared since he took office, casting doubt over his suitability as the most powerful man in the free world.