Sailor arrested for supplying drugs onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH


One of the most junior sailors on board HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH has been arrested by the Royal Navy Police after it was brought to light of his involvement in supplying MDMA (ecstasy) to other members of the crew.

Sunday night saw the final episode of ‘Britiain’s Biggest Warship’ the documentary filmed on the Royal Navy’s newest and largest ship-to-date during her sea trials last year where floods and problems with her propulsion system were the main area of focus.

However it has since emerged after a number of sailors started to circulate it on Facebook that the £3billion aircraft carrier is currently facing an issue related more to boredom as one sailor has been arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs onboard.

Callum Hui, who as the youngest member of the ships company was chosen to cut the commissioning cake with the Captain’s wife in December – admitted to taking ecstasy  on a night out in Portsmouth after failing a drugs test last month.

AB Callum Hui with the Captain’s wife Karen Kyd cut the cake at the ship’s commissioning service in Portsmouth last December.

But when other members of the crew who also failed the compulsory test were quizzed as to where they had obtained the drugs from, they pointed the finger at Callum who was subsequently arrested by the Royal Navy Police on grounds to supply a Class A drug.

Callum who works as a Steward on the super-carrier (that is currently undergoing repairs in Portsmouth) is thought to be getting kicked out the Navy in relation to taking drugs himself but could now also face criminal proceedings in relation to supplying.

He allegedly put his actions down to realising the Navy is not what he thought it would be. A growing concern amongst younger sailors who spend months away from home without access to their phones, wi-fi or social media.

HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH will deploy to America later this year to continue her sea trials and take delivery of the new F35B Joint Strike Fighter jet.