Do tax rebates actually work?

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There are few things better in life when after a long day at work you see an unexpected brown envelope marked ‘HRMC‘ in the pile of post on the floor and open it to see you’ve got a tax-rebate. Joanne Fowler looks at how chances are you are probably owed one and don’t even know it.

If it sounds too good to be true it normally is right? That’s how I was brought up – be suspicious; although I’ve recently learnt that is not always a good thing.

As a veteran (former Army) I heard about reclaiming tax for my travel and as I asked around my friends who were both serving and who had left the military – it became clear I was the last to know about this, they’d been doing it for years.

So I contacted HRMC but the lengthy forms and complicated procedures put me off, of course it wasn’t going to be easy! But then I heard about a firm that does all the leg work for you for a small fee. Deciding to put my usual suspicion to one side I sent them an email and to my amazement I was told I would probably get back about £2000!

6 weeks later and as true as their word I got a cheque through the post for £2170.63. I couldn’t believe it. But it isn’t just people in the military who can claim. People who work in security, construction or are self employed can request a rebate as they have almost certainly paid more tax then they should have. The average payout is £2500 for the last four year period (which is the maximum you can go back).

It’s got to be worth a couple of minutes to find out right? Enter your name and e-mail in the box below and see if you are eligible to put a claim in.