Film Review: 13 Hours – The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi


The American blockbuster follows six C.I.A contractors who unsuccessfully fight to defend the American diplomatic compound in Libya after waves of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2012.

It’s a tale from history that is not well known, but portrays actual events that happened relatively recently.

Chances are you have already seen or at least heard of it. It first came out in the States in early 2016 but is now available on ‘Netflix’ in the UK and we strongly recommend you watch it.

Back in 2012, Benghazi is named one of the most dangerous places in the world, and countries have pulled their diplomatic offices out of Libya in fear of an attack by militants.

The United States, however, still has a diplomatic compound (not an official consulate) open in the city. Less than a mile away is a CIA outpost called “The Annex”, is protected by a team of private military contractors from Global Response Staff (GRS).

These men – battle-hardened ex-US Marines and Navy Seals – were supposed to be minders for the 20-strong CIA team, many of whom were Ivy League graduates with little street sense. But when a call came through from the consulate saying, “If you do not get here soon, we are all going to die,” they charged to the rescue.

While 13 Hours may strike British viewers as a laughably macho and typically American take on global affairs, this is arguably one story where the Hollywood version of events has the ring of truth. Interested? Of course you are….