India’s first nuclear submarine flooded after sailor leaves hatch open

A $2.9 Billion Indian nuclear submarine was crippled for ten months after water flooded it when a sailor allegedly forgot to close the hatch. The ballistic-missile sub called INS Arihant suffered ‘major damage’ not long after it was commissioned in 2016.

While sat in the Visakhapatnam harbour on the country’s east coast, the hatch was left open by one of the crew and water rushed inside.

Saltwater had to be pumped out of the vessel and damaged pipes had to be cut out and replaced.

The extensive repairs on the submarine designed to carry a floating stock of nuclear weapons took almost a year.

In its coverage of the bizarre incident the Indian Newspaper The Hindu said: “Arihant’s propulsion compartment was damaged after water entered it.”

INS Arihant is the first submarine designed and constructed as a part of the Indian Navy’s secretive Advanced Technology Vessel project.

The Arihant class submarines are reported to be based on the Russian Akula class submarine.

India has an ambitious plan to build a SSBN fleet, comprising five Arihant class vessels.