Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson warns the fight against ISIS is ‘far from over’ on his first visit to Iraq

The war against Isis is ‘far from over’ and more is needed to destroy the ‘evil’ terror group, Gavin Williamson has said on his first visit to Iraq as the secretary of state for defence.

Mr Williamson met Iraq’s Defence Minister Erfan al-Hiyali and announced Britain would fund a £10million counter terrorism package in Iraq before he visited British troops training their Iraqi counterparts at Taji and and in the capital Baghdad.

The visit came as the Ministry of Defence confirmed British air crews flew sorties over Iraq and Syria every day of the Christmas holidays, striking a series of targets.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

The dangers we face are changing and are intensifying rapidly. Eliminating the threat from terrorism is critical to our security at home and abroad. Our brave Armed Forces are working tirelessly, day and night, to defeat Daesh after helping to recover significant territory in Iraq.

Only by defeating this evil and barbaric group for good will we reduce the deadly threat they pose to us, which is why we won’t stop until their global network is destroyed.

UK troops have so far helped train around 60,000 Iraqi Security Forces in battle-winning infantry, counter-IED, engineering and combat medical skills. In addition to personnel on the ground in Iraq, the UK has provided over 1,400 military personnel from all three Services as part of its three year involvement.