All Six Royal Navy destroyers alongside in Portsmouth


The crew of HMS Diamond were welcomed home by friends and family as she arrived back to her home port in Portsmouth.

The Type-45 destroyer spent three months in the Mediterranean before having to end her deployment because of “technical issues”.

A Royal Navy spokesman said:

“She was due to head to the Gulf for a nine-month deployment but returned to her home port early after experiencing technical issues.”

Commander Ben Keith, Diamond’s commanding officer, said:

“While it is earlier than planned, it was fantastic to see all of our families waiting here for us on the jetty. Everyone on board was incredibly excited”.

In 2015, the Ministry of Defence confirmed that the propulsion system of the £1 billion warships were malfunctioning.

However, Rolls-Royce executives – who built the engines, told the defence select committee that the engines had been built as specified and that conditions in the Middle East were not “in line with these specs”.

All six ships are currently awaiting a refit which will involve cutting a hole in the ships’ hulls to access the engines. The cost of which has not yet been made public.