“It’s not gay… it’s Royal”: Two Royal Marine corporals charged with making subordinates perform sex acts on each other


Two Royal Marine corporals ran a Deal Or No Deal-style forfeit game in which fellow troops were forced to perform disgusting or brutal tasks, a court martial in Portsmouth has heard.

The punishments included one named ‘Django,’ – after Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winning film about slavery ‘Django Unchained’ – and required victims to be hung upside down and be whipped, Portsmouth Military Court heard.

Corporals Philip Beer and Danny Foster allegedly oversaw a nightly gathering called ‘family time’, during which they harshly punished ‘professional failings’ such as spilling coffee or mistreating kit.

One of the charges relates to a group of young marines being forced to perform sex acts on each other while watching gay pornography.

“When one of them told Foster he wasn’t going to do it – Foster allegedly told him ‘you f****** are”.

Philip Beer arriving at Portsmouth Court Martial CREDIT:  SOLENT NEWS & PHOTO AGENCY

A marine given the punishment who can’t be named said: “I felt disgusted and degraded having to do it, it was massively degrading, I had no power against it; I could not say no.”

He told the court: “That does affect my memory and I try to put what went on out of my mind, but I do remember what happened.”

The marine said he had developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of his treatment.

Prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel Graham Coombes said Foster, 30, and Beer, 34, were on security deployment between May and August 2014 when they oversaw punishments to two marines.

Lt Col Coombes said: ‘This case concerns the ill treatment of two marines by the accused, who were troop corporals in 43 Commando at the time”.

Describing how the punishments would come through a game of Deal or No Deal, Lt Col Coombes told the hearing: “A person playing the banker could offer punishments throughout the game.”

“In this incident the complainant tried to swap his box, which was part of the game, but Foster refused to allow him to do this and instead imposed Django, which was the offered punishment”.

“When the complainant was not willing to accept it, Beer told him he was going to receive it anyway.”

Foster denies three counts of ill treatment of a subordinate, while Beer denies two counts of the same charge.

In September three Royal Marines were discharged from the service after they drank each others urine and exposed their private parts in a packed Scottish night club as part of an initiation ceremony.

The trial continues.