Product Review: MilitaryAthletic nutritional supplements


I want to get big. I want to recover quicker. I want to train harder. There are so many reasons why we turn to supplements to support our fitness goals. Reflecting this there are an equal number of articles and youtube videos out there not to mention full blown scientific journal articles that will give you the low down on how effective supplements are.

I have taken supplements before from a variety of brands. I stopped four years ago and didn’t really notice a drop off in performance so didn’t see the need to start again. However, the appearance of a new brand caught my attention. Military Athletic is a supplement company designed for military personnel by military personnel. The founders, Will and Richie, are ex-Royal Marines. They know the demands of a military lifestyle and this is reflected in their product.

To highlight why this product caught my eye I should first highlight what it is I think is important in choosing a supplement. There are three key considerations:

  1. Whatever it is designed to do it achieves it through you ingesting it. Particularly if you are in the military you should always think twice about taking a supplement if you don’t know exactly what’s in it. Products that use high quality ingredients are always going to be preferable to a less discerning brand that bulks its products with lower quality sources of protein. The trouble is this can be reflected in the cost which leads to consideration 2.
  2. Value for Money. Protein is expensive. There is no way round this. If your fitness goals are your priority then this may well be a cost you are willing to accept but we all still want to get a bargain. There are brands out there that will charge up to 60 pounds for a months supply of protein and there is a difficult balance to find between paying for the brand and paying for quality.
  3. This is what it all boils down to. You could be spending 100 pounds a month on the best supplements money can buy, but if they don’t work then all you are doing is creating expensive urine!

I applied at least the first two of these to the Military Athletic products and was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, there is no endless searching through a product list as long as your arm for a supplement that fits your exact needs. They have a powder supplement and a protein flapjack. This for me is one of the key selling points for the company and I sincerely hope they maintain this simplicity in their catalogue. It gives you confidence that they have put all their effort into perfecting two products rather than diluting that effort between 20. Secondly, the ingredients. They are all high quality natural ingredients and batch tested to comply with the informed sport testing program, making them compliant with military regulations. Thirdly, the mission statement of Military Athletic focuses on the fact that they want to provide a quality product that doesn’t break the bank, and at the moment that’s exactly what they are doing. Particularly if you are in their targeted military audience there is a healthy 20% off for life which drops their already reasonable prices still further.

So I was sold. I went for the introductory bundle and was amazed that I was able to get a months supply of protein and flapjacks for just 28 pounds. When it arrived I was immediately impressed with the branding. The flapjacks come in a rat pack reminiscent foil pouch, while the protein is in a matt black resealable bag. I was immediately eager to try the products out.

Like their product list, the choice of flavours is equally short with chocolate or vanilla being the only options (another positive). The protein is incredibly easy to mix, by far the easiest I have ever tried. It was tasty and lump free with no chemically after taste. It just tasted of vanilla. Personally I would go with half the recommended dose that they suggest, or at least half in the morning and half in the evening as there is no way your body can process 42g of protein in one go and you will just end up damaging your kidneys if you force it to try. One pouch is supposed to last 15 days but another benefit to halving the dose is that this will stretch to 30! The protein blend contains creatine, glutamine and HMB alongside the protein. These three compounds have been shown to have strong links to increase performance and muscle growth and their addition makes the product an all round performance supplement.

The flapjacks are individually wrapped in green wrappers, and again it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into the product design. They use very high quality ingredients and this is certainly reflected in the taste. I have been having one daily with my coffee for the last few weeks and they are the perfect snack, tasty and filling with a powerful 20g of protein to top you up during the day.

The results. I have been taking the products for four weeks and continuing to train as normal. My weight normally sits quite comfortably at 85kg and I find it very hard to put weight on and this was the case when I took supplements in the past as well. However, in four weeks I have put on 5 kg while maintaining a similar physique. This may be down to any number of reasons, however, I have certainly found the supplements make it far easier to maintain a regular consumption of good quality protein and carbohydrates throughout the day. Taste has a lot to answer for here. Because they are easy to eat and drink there is no need to gulp it down or force yourself to eat anything, its just a good tasting and healthier alternative to a trip to the naafi.

These products almost redefine the term supplements for me. They present a truly refreshing alternative to the thousands of supplement brands out there with a simple, affordable and high quality set of products. Enthusiasm for achieving a physique or improving fitness is never something that should be curbed, but it should be achieved in a healthy and sustainable manner, Military Athletic is the perfect supplement for this purpose.

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