Royal Tank Regiment marks ‘Battle of Cambrai’ centenary


On Sunday, The Royal Tank Regiment remembered the centenary of the Battle of Cambrai with a march past the Cenotaph in London.

This year, the 20th November marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Cambrai, during World War One, which is considered by many as the greatest tank battle in history.

During the battle of Cambrai, 476 British Mark IV tanks broke through German enemy lines near the French town, during the major offensive which began on 20 November, 1917 and ended on the 7th December 1917.

It was the first time tanks were deployed into battle in such large numbersThe Royal Tank Regiment, based in Wiltshire, marched down Whitehall, past the Cenotaph where they stopped to lay a wreath.  The star attraction during this mark of remembrance was a replica First World War tank.

The Battle of Cambrai in 1917 changed the history of warfare forever with the first large-scale use of tanks in battle. Credit: British Army.

Lance Corpal Connah Towers, 23, stood guard in front of the Mark IV tank during the parade.

He said the anniversary of Cambrai “means a lot every year” to those who serve in the regiment, which is based in Tidworth and is the oldest unit of its kind in the world.

“It is always the best day in the calendar, it makes you feel proud and part of something, and proud of the heritage and the regiment”.