Royal Navy

HMS Queen Elizabeth: cruise ship or warship?


Hampshire-based marine interior specialists Trimline, were recently given the task for the conversion of the Wardroom (officers’ mess) which was undertaken while the ship was alongside in Portsmouth.

More accustomed to the fitting of interiors for cruise ships and super yachts this was a a change in tack for the company – with the work taking about three weeks to complete.

Gary Oliver, chairman of the Southampton-based design firm, said: ‘We were delighted to be invited to undertake such an important project.

‘Trimline is a company with strong British values and to work on board the newest and largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy was a huge privilege.

‘We believe the results truly befit the important role the ship will play for many years to come.’

The work also included enhancing the Leviathan’s Flag Dining Room – a space reserved for VIPs and navy top brass to enjoy top cuisine produced by the ships top chefs.

As part of that, a new bar was crafted from granite and a commissioned copy of the ship’s crest was designed to form the centrepiece of the Wardroom’s walkway.


Captain Jerry Kyd, commanding officer of Queen Elizabeth, said the new interior would send a strong message when the ship begins her diplomatic missions in the future.

‘HMS Queen Elizabeth is principally a fighting ship but her diplomatic role in carrying the flag for the nation is also vital,’ he said.

‘Trimline’s impressive transformation of the Wardroom and flag area will significantly enhance our ability to promote the UK and further extend its influence around the world.

‘These areas will also act as home to ship’s officers who are deployed away from their families for many months at a time.’

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first of two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers to be built for the navy. The other is HMS Prince of Wales.

Both of the vessels will be based in Portsmouth, with Prince of Wales expected to make her first entry to the city in 2019.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth last month to begin her final phase of sea trials. She is expected to begin flight trials of the new F-35b Lightning II stealth jet in America, in early 2018.