The RAF has dropped more than 3,400 bombs on ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Picture by Mark Richards-RAF Tornados and Typhoons fly into RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

The Royal Air Force has dropped more than 3,400 bombs and missiles on Isis terrorists in Iraq and Syria from 2014 to September of this year after analysis from the i Newspaper was published today.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) does not routinely release statistics on the numbers of weapons used over Iraq and Syria, but analysis by the newspaper has combined weekly updates of operations and Freedom of Information (FOI) data from campaign group Drone Wars UK.

They have stated that UK forces have dropped at least 3,482 bombs and missiles in the battle against IS, including 2,089 Paveway IV smart bombs and 486 of the more accurate Brimstone missiles dropped by Typhoon and Tornado jets.

RAF Reaper drones have also fired 724 Hellfire missiles at Isis targets.

The Government describes the Brimstone as the most accurate weapon available that can be fired by aircraft, and they are conservatively estimated to cost £100,000 each (or approximately £48million for the 486).

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