Royal Navy Sailors Escorted Back To Ship After Urinating In Front Of Police


Two Royal Navy sailors were held in Italy after they urinated in public causing the traffic to come to a stand-still while standing in front of the police.

The ratings were serving on board HMS Diamond which is currently deployed in the Mediterranean.

The type 45 destroyer had docked in the Italian port of La Spezia, described as the Italian Riviera before the two 20-year-olds went ashore where they reportedly visited several bars.

The two then, according to witnesses, caused quite a ruckus, alerting police in the main square with their singing and attempts to stop the busy traffic.

As the officers approached the men, one sailor reportedly decided to drop his trousers and urinate, all the time trying to reassure officers everything was ok.

A Royal Navy spokesperson confirmed the incident saying: “We can confirm that the local police force in La Spezia escorted two sailors back on to HMS Diamond due to unacceptable behaviour when ashore”.

“No arrests were made, the sailor and the Commanding Officer have apologised and it would be inappropriate to comment further on the matter.”

The North Western town of La Spezia is in the Liguria region near Tuscany. Home to a deepwater port, it is one of the most important and historic bases for the Italian Navy.

HMS Diamond left Portsmouth on 4 September for a nine-month deployment to the Middle East on maritime security operations, but was re-tasked immediately following the events of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. She takes on the role of NATO flagship in place of HMS Ocean, which was diverted from the task in order to deliver aid to devastated communities in the British Virgin Islands.