What’s Happened to Nigel Farage?

I hate to admit it but last year I started to develop a weird sort of respect for Nigel Farage. Not the sort of respect you develop for a man or woman with integrity or compassion I might add, that is reserved for aid workers in Syria or an A&E nurse working a double shift at the weekend; but respect none the less.

Call him what you will but he was incredibly determined to see the UK leave the EU. He’d been at it for years and no one was in any doubt with what he wanted. That’s not always the case with politicians – they change their view and speak cautiously in order to obtain ‘manoeuvrability’ in the future.

I’d even go as far to say that I started defending old Nigel at parties and amongst friends. Protesting that he provided the balance that is essential in a social-democracy, ensuring that those in government were always held accountable. Of course I still thought he was a d**k – I mean what normal person wouldn’t? But through all his flaws as a person he was consistent and passionate, I respect that – he believed in something.

I never agreed with him though, not with his political views – I voted to remain in the EU. It’s just my opinion, I’m not an Economist – but I thought the referendum was stupid. The argument to leave is far more attractive before you even consider staying because it offers a quick-solution to fix everything; where as to stay seems like your accepting the worse deal.

Let’s say you’ve had a car for two years since new and it’s tip-top, never had a problem with it, but its boring and you fancy something new. Then one day you see an offer for a new car in the paper. You are split between making a decision over what you want and what you need. As most people aren’t mechanics it makes sense to have your current car checked to determine if there are any problems. But you wouldn’t have it done by the person wanting to sell you the new car, as they would have ulterior motives. They’d probably tell you its broken even if there was nothing wrong with it.

So when the ‘leave-campaign’ focused one of its main adverts on diverting £350million we send to the EU each week to funding the NHS instead, it played powerfully with people’s emotions but wasn’t ever meant as a like-for-like. It was a dirty trick. And the very next morning after the referendum, on a TV interview Nigel Farage showed his true character. That he will say and do what ever it takes to sell that car.

When negotiations began I was expecting him to be in his element here. After all the successful campaigning, and hours and hours of interviews, travelling and more interviews he could now get down to the serious business; the tedious stuff was over. But of course he isn’t in government – so why would he be involved?

Nigel Farage had come in, ‘stirred-the-pot’ – made a huge name for himself and then f****d off once all the work had to be done. He was in no doubt successful in his campaign (I reserve the right to congratulate him for another time) but only had his own interests at heart.

He is in my opinion the worst type of politician imaginable, someone deluded with the power he actually holds over the amount of influence he can have and has zero accountability.

He is a dodgy car salesman, perhaps the best dodgy car salesman the world has ever seen (Donald Trump seems to like him) but nothing more. He’s lost my respect, and if you voted to leave the EU solely based on him, I hope he’s lost yours too.

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