Product Review: Firepot expedition meals by OutdoorFood


For anyone that spends time in the outdoors, a common problem to face is what to eat; it will inevitably put a time restriction on whatever it is you’re doing.

Good food can make the world of difference and if you’ve had a long day it’s not only important to make sure you replenish your body with enough calories to recover but also to fuel you for tomorrow.

For ‘hot’ meals, there are quite a few brands out there now who make a mixture of flavours and recipes and different types of boil-in-the-bag pouches; these come in either a dry or a wet variety.

Dry meals (dehydrated) require boiling water poured into the pouch and are normally left for about 10-15minutes before they are ready to eat. They are very light but cannot be eaten without water which either means you have to be able to ensure you will camp/eat near a water source or carry enough supply with you.

Wet meals require you to place the pouch in boiling-water (or near boiling) allowing the food to cook inside it. They are heavier than dry meals but most can be eaten without cooking in an emergency (even though they will be cold and not very appetising) and you can use the cooking water for washing or a cup of coffee as well.

Just enough time to consult the map while waiting for the water to boil.

After recently trying for the first time Firepot by OutdoorFood on a two-day trip to Snowdonia I was so impressed I took 10 days worth of supply on a visit to Yosemite National Park in the USA.

OutdoorFood is based in Dorset and source all their ingredients locally. They use a dehydrating process that passes warm air over the surface of the food inside a commercial dehydrator to remove moisture rather than freeze-drying. This means the food when rehydrated contains plenty of flavour and texture; and they do!

There are five different recipes to choose from, with prices starting from £6.50 for a 135g pouch and £8.50 for a 200g pouch.

The pouches have an ‘easy-tear’ top that makes it effortless to open when in the field and reseal very securely once you’ve added boiling water meaning they don’t have to be left upright and that you are not in danger of scalding yourself.

The outside of the packet is marked with a ‘fill-level’ so you put in the exact amount of water each time; then all you have to do is stir, re-seal and wait.

Our favourite was the Porcini Mushroom Risotto.  Credit: OutdoorFood.

After about 10 minutes (the time differs from meal-to-meal but is clearly indicated on the cooking instructions) simply re-open the pouch, stir again and enjoy. The meal looks like they’ve been cooked in a restaurant and not the usual mush you accept you need to eat in order to stay alive.

Not only are these the best dehydrated-meals I’ve tasted for flavour but combined with the nutritional benefit and financial value they offer, they are the best meals I’ve ever come across. I’m not going into the hills again without them.

For a limited time they offer a taster pack that means you can get two meals for £10 and with free delivery on all orders in the UK over £15 what are you waiting for? Visit them today.