North Korea reveals missile fired over Japan was first step in ‘Pacific operation’

north korea

It’s been a busy few weeks. The alpha male contest between two heads of states continues despite America being in the middle of a natural disaster.

North Korea, defiant and unwilling to acquiesce to the wants of the Trump administration, has continued a missile testing programme despite sanctions and widespread condemnation from countries and international bodies, purportedly with the intention on developing warheads with the capability of reaching the United States of America.

The questions has to be asked.. what is the end game for North Korea? Well – The BBC, among others, reports that North Korea has described its missile firing over Japan yesterday as “the first step” of further military action in the pacific.

The launch, said state media, was “the first step of the military operation of the (North Korean military) in the Pacific and a meaningful prelude to containing Guam”.

The BBC says that Russia and China believe that current US military operations in the region have played a part in the North’s missile launch, urging negotiations on both sides.

It is believed that Kim Jong-un has ordered further missile drills in the region.

Earlier this summer, President Trump threatened “fire and fury” if North Korea did not temper its military ambitions and provocations, while Pyongyang has previously said that it could bomb the US territory of Guam.

It is believed that the missile that was fired over Japan due to its path toward the island.



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