USS Fitzgerald enters the dry dock while investigation into collision continues


The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer has entered into a dry dock in Japan last week while an investigation into what caused the collision between the merchant vessel ACX CRYSTAL 56 nautical miles off the coast of the Japanese port city YOKOSUKA continues.

The CNN have reported that early findings in the investigation into the June 17 fatal collision suggest the Navy crew committed multiple errors and failed to take action before the collision.

Senior spokeswoman rear admiral Dawn Cutler stressed the investigation was still in its “early stages” and said it was too soon to release any definitive information.

“It is premature to speculate on causation or any other issues,” Cutler said in a statement.

Investigators are also assessing whether the Navy ship was traveling at a higher-than-normal speed to reach a destination it was due to arrive at the following day.

Cmdr. Chris Servello, spokesman for Navy Chief of Naval Operations said:

“Once the investigation is complete, we will spend time with the families to ensure their questions are answered and then share the findings publicly”.

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