Product Review: AKU Pilgrim MK2 Boots


Always on the look out for the perfect boot – we took the AKU Pilgrim MK2 out for a test ride over Dartmoor, UK. 

Popular with the armed forces the AKU Pilgrim MK2 DS is a multi-purpose highly breathable 6″ boot with outstanding support, stability and impact absorption.

AKU, an Italian company, founded by Galliano Bordin, which has grown from a small workshop into an industry, has more than thirty years’ experience in the design and production of high quality trekking and outdoor footwear.

This MK 2 version features a new Vibram Brown sole unit to improve the boots MTP compatibility with the advantage of enhanced grip and shock absorption. This is achieved by using a carbon rubber sole compound that flexes and moulds to the terrain yet remains hard wearing and durable.


It feels more like a trainer straight out the box and providing you follow the size recommendation guide on their website you shouldn’t have any fitting problems.

This DS model is perfect for demanding duties in hot climates where ultimate breathability and quick drying are critical. But is still a good choice for UK/Europe in the Summer months when there is no need for a goretex or waterproof leather boot.

The quality of the stitching and construction of the boot is extremely high. Strong underfoot with excellent ankle protection but flexible and lightweight – it was obvious from the beginning of the test that these boots were going to be very comfortable.


They come with the option to have a gortex lining, a high leg version and come in range of colours including MoD approved brown – which should prove useful for personnel in the Armed Forces.

There are no lace ‘eye-lets’ on the 6″ version and instead have a ‘one-pull’ lace system making them very easy to put on, especially when in total darkness or using only a head torch for visibility.

Our only criticism is the price. at £159.99 they are not cheap but providing they last a long time are definitely worth the investment. We certainly don’t have any doubts over the craftsmanship.

So considering the perfect combination between support and weight these are our new favourite boots. Available to buy exclusively in the UK from Trekitt.