Solider Rushed to Help Injured Victims After Hearing Gunshots

Photo: British Army. Lt Jared Bambridge – 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment

Lieutenant Jared Bambridge of 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment rushed to the help of the seriously wounded last Saturday at London Bridge when many were running the other way.

The 23-year-old had been at the Globe theatre, where he had treated his girlfriend with tickets to see Romeo and Juliet for her birthday earlier that evening.

He said: “We heard gunshots, a short sharp burst.

“The initial reaction for me was to basically go and see how I could help rather than do what most people were doing which was running in the other direction.

“Call it what you will, I put it down to the training and the fact we are trained to help”

“Our instant reaction is to try and give medical support to anyone who needs it.

“People were running. There was a lot of screaming I went to get stock of the situation.

“I found a bloke on the floor with two stab wounds in his back.

“He was 51 years old. He was not in a good state.

“He was face down and just about conscious, losing a significant amount of blood.

“I put my girlfriend in the pub where she would be safe and I then cracked on with dealing with the casualties.”

Not long after he started administrating first aid, police descended on the area and suddenly a “heavy weight of fire” rang out.

Lt Bambridge passed out of Sandhurst last April before going on the Platoon Commanders Battle Course in Brecon, South Wales. He used the training he had received for treating battlefield trauma wounds to help those who had been attacked, with injuries that were not to dissimilar.

He said: “I was walking covered in blood, walking back into it where there had been a shooting and my girlfriend was right in the middle of it.

“It was a real moment of bloody hell. I was walking back from the theatre a minute ago after a lovely night out.”

He added: “Trauma first aid, whether it be on the battlefield or streets of London, it’s what we’re trained for. In this scenario, there’s nobody better than the military.”

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