Houses Evacuated as Crane Collapses in Falmouth Docks

A 200m exclusion zone is in place after the crane, which was in the process of being dismantled next to the RFA Tidespring crashed to the ground. Luckily no one was injured and the brand new vessel was not hit.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said they were called at 8.44am to deal with “the collapse of a jip part of a crane”.

A witness said he believes the wires snapped, causing it to come crashing to the ground.

The first of the new Tide class tankers, RFA Tidespring, is in dock next to the crane for customisation work.

According to the MoD, the customisation work is helping to support around 300 jobs at A&P Falmouth. The UK work content in the wider Tide Class programme is worth around £150 million, sustaining further jobs at 27 UK-based companies.

After a period of customisation and fitting out, Tidespring will embark on four months of trials off Scotland before she enters service with the fleet.


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