KAJAKI: One of the Best War Films Ever Made – Available on iPlayer

Apocalypse Now is often said to be the best war film of all time. It captures the chaotic scene of war in which men do not always do as they’re told and things to do not always go according to plan; but it’s fantastically Hollywood, it isn’t accurate – not from a military perspective at least.

Fortunately for anyone at home this evening BBC Two at 10pm (now available on iPlayer) is showing a fantastic film – Kajaki (2014). It tells the true story of how a platoon of paratroopers from 3rd Battalion (3PARA), The Parachute Regiment – stationed near the Kajaki dam in Afghanistan quickly fell into difficulties.

kahaki film

It is unbelievably accurate with a painstaking amount of attention to detail. Normally the British aren’t as good at making war films compared to the Americans – except in this case.

War films aren’t for everyone: some don’t like the horror, the blood or the history. But regardless of that I strongly suggest you watch this, so you can put yourselves into the shoes of those brave men for just a second and appreciate what they had to go through.

If anything this film is too accurate and doesn’t appeal to the masses, things aren’t simplified for your ignorance – and nor should they. You are invited to watch what the reality of life in Afghanistan was like – not how they are liked to be perceived by those who weren’t there (including American film directors).

There are no special effects, no character plots, no happy endings – just a true story.

Apocalypse Now…. doesn’t even come close. Kajaki: A True Story is on BBC Two Sunday 7th May at 10pm.

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